Risk Management

Disasters in University Buildings

A) Fire, Water or Natural Disaster(s) or Injuries
Call University of Alabama Police Department at (205) 348-5454, if a major disaster has occurred or is about to occur.

1. If serious bodily injury has occurred, call UAPD to report the emergency. UAPD will respond and arrange other emergency response resources.

2. If serious bodily injury has not occurred let the University Police decide whether an ambulance is warranted based on their assessment of the situation.

3. The UA Police will file a report of the incidence that can be referenced.

B) If a minor problem is discovered, such as a water leak, call Facilities Operations and Maintenance in the UA Facilities Complex at (205) 348-6601.

1. Notify your supervisor and the UA building representative about the problem, so a work order to repair the problem can be placed.

2. Notify the Office of Risk Management by completing the General Incident Report and following the reporting instructions on the form.  A determination of the estimated costs to repair any damage will be made by Risk Management and sent to the State of Alabama insurance plan if the matter is expected to exceed the deductible.

C) Evacuation of Buildings In Case of Disaster(s)

1. After notifying the UA Police about a major disaster, notify your supervisor or building representative. UAPD, Tuscaloosa Fire and Rescue or other emergency response resources will decide if and when an evacuation of the building is necessary.

2. Evacuation Routes and Maps are posted on a wall of each floor of each UA building for easy viewing. Please follow evacuation instructions. If the routes are not posted or are out of date, please call Environmental & Health Services at 348-5905.

D) General Information
All building damage is subject to a $10,000 deductible per building and $10,000 for furniture, fixtures and equipment.

A written report of any damage and estimated repairs must be prepared for each incident before an insurance claim is filed.