Welcome to the University of Alabama On-Line Utility/Golf Cart Training

As stated in the Utility Cart and Golf Cart Policy, all drivers must be approved through the Office of Risk Management and must complete an on-line utility cart training program. This training applies to all drivers of University-owned, leased or loaned utility carts and golf carts.

Utility cart/golf cart drivers will face numerous hazards, many of which are different than a traditional vehicle. The purpose of this training program is to help you recognize those hazards and take appropriate actions to avoid accidents. You will learn in the training program, a utility cart/golf cart is primarily for use in situations where a normal vehicle may not navigate due to size or the weight may cause damage to sidewalks, landscaping, etc. The training will provide details on operating a utility cart/golf cart in a safe manner, but equally important is being an alert, cautious and responsible driver.

To Link to the training video, you need to log into myBama, go to the appropriate tab (Employee or Student) and link on the Cart Training Video.

IMPORTANT: Once you have completed all of the videos. Follow the link below to report that you have completed the training.

Thank you!

Link here to report training completion.