Approved Security Vendor Program

The University of Alabama (“University”) has reviewed the use of security services on University property and developed this program to provide departments, event host, student organizations and others needing the services of a security firm a list of approved security vendors that certain meet certain requirements, which include, but are not limited to:

  1. Operate as a legitimate business and maintain current licenses and permits as required by applicable laws.
  2. Secure and maintain a current license issued by the Alabama Security Regulatory Board (ASRB) as authorized in Ala. Code §§ 34-27C-1 through 34-27C-18 and follow all ASRB rules to include:
    a. Require all employees to meet the individual license requirements of the ASRB by obtaining a individual license within the specified timeframe.
    b. Secure and maintain insurance coverage as required by the ASRB and provide a current certificate of insurance reflecting the required insurance coverage to the University.
    c. Training and equipping employees in accordance with ASRB rules.
  3. For newly created security firms or security firms with a change in ownership, the University will require at least one year as an active security business before considering the application.  If the ownership change essentially left the prior business intact and the new owner(s) has been involved with the business for the past year, an exception will be considered, but is not guaranteed.  Any ASRB rule violations or other negative enforcement actions by the ASRB may delay consideration until sufficient time has passed to prove the security operation is following the ASRB rules, without exception.
  4. Understand and support the University’s crime reporting requirements as defined by the Clery Act and other applicable laws.
  5. Supporting other University programs and policies applicable to social events, the use and/or possession of dangerous weapons and firearms, and building/facility use agreements.
  6. Are willing to participate in an initial on-line or in-person orientation session and periodic informational update sessions as program changes dictate, crime reporting laws are amended, or other changes occur.

Only security vendors approved by the University may be engaged to provide security services on University property or at off-campus event paid with University funds.  The only exceptions would include security services provided by a commissioned law enforcement officer, a person performing security duties under a direct employment arrangement with the hosting party/employer, security provided off-campus by a venue, and contract security that has been subject to a bid and award of a contract for services by the University.

7/2015 Rev.2

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