Auto Insurance

Vehicles that are owned or leased by UA are automatically included in our self-insurance program for liability coverage.  This covers property damage or injuries suffered by others under certain circumstances.  A current self-insurance certificate should be kept in the glove box of all UA vehicles.  Current certificates can be found on the Driver Safety page. If you have not done so already, please download the current certificate and print copies for all vehicles assigned to your department.

Auto physical damage coverage insures the UA owned or leased vehicle itself for damages that resulted from collisions, weather events, etc.  This coverage is not automatic.  Risk Management recommends covering all high value vehicles and all vehicles that are less than seven years old under our auto physical damage insurance program.  Contact Kaci Blue for assistance in confirming auto physical damage insurance for your department’s vehicles.  Kaci can be reached at 348-0395 and

Vehicles rented for UA business should show the University of Alabama as the renter on the rental agreement.  When this is done, the vehicles are covered for both liability coverage and auto physical damage coverage.

The Department of Fleet Management can assist departments with vehicle purchases, leases and maintenance.  For more information, visit Fleet Management.