Assisting UA colleges, departments and student groups with liability releases is one of the services offered by the Office of Risk Management.  If you are planning a trip or activity for individuals or groups, it is important to have the participants sign a liability release form.  If you are unsure if a release is necessary, please refer to our Contact Information page and call or email a Risk Management representative.  The UA General Release can be used for the vast majority of trips and activities.  If you have a release that has been approved by the Office of Counsel or Risk Management, you may continue to use that release.   


All releases should be securely stored for a minimum of five years.  Releases that concern people under the age of nineteen should be securely stored for a minimum of twenty years.  Risk Management is happy to provide a quick and easy way for you to accomplish this.  Once releases are signed, they should be scanned into a pdf and uploaded to the Release Portal.  It is an easy way to upload your signed releases to a storage database which will keep them safe for twenty years.   


If you have questions about this or any other Risk Management service, we invite you to review our Contact Information and call or email an appropriate representative.  Thank you for doing your part to manage risk.