Everyone manages risk.  When you buckle your seatbelt and drive responsibly, you are taking ownership of your risk and mitigating it.  We all do this in a number of ways on a daily basis both personally and professionally.  The role of the UA Office of Risk Management is to support these efforts.  We help departments analyze their risk and assist them as needed.  In our support role, we employ three types of techniques: risk control, risk financing and risk transfer.  To learn more about these techniques and our office, please visit our About Risk Management page.

For all on-campus emergencies, contact the UAPD at 348-5454.  To report an incident to Risk Management, please complete a General Incident Report and follow the submission instructions on the form.  For specific information about the services offered by Risk Management, select the appropriate service link on the left.  For all other concerns, please refer to our Contact Information  page and reach out to the appropriate risk manager.