Vehicle Accident Reporting Procedures

The following procedures apply to operators of University vehicles following an accident:

1. Call “911” or UAPD @ 348-5454 if the accident occurs on campus or the general vicinity of campus if anyone is injured and requires immediate medical attention.

2. If there is no need for medical care, contact the appropriate law enforcement agency or if on-campus or in the campus vicinity, contact UAPD.

3. Do not admit fault or guilt to anyone.

4. Never offer to pay for any damage, medical bills, towing, rental cars, taxi service or any other charges incurred by another party resulting from the accident.

5. Exchange contact information with the other driver(s) involved and obtain contact (name, address, phone number) information of every witness.

6. If the vehicle is towed from the accident scene, determine where the vehicle will be taken and what may be necessary to retrieve the vehicle.

7. Ask the investigating law enforcement officer to provide the accident report number and how/where a copy can be obtained.

8. Driver of University vehicles who are involved in traffic accident may be subject to post-accident substance abuse testing in accordance with applicable University policy included in the Human Resources Policy Manual.

9. Report the accident to Risk Management by completing the General Incident Report and following the reporting instructions on the form. This should be done within 24 hours of the accident. If anyone was injured, call Risk Management immediately at 205-348-7521 or 205-348-4535 and report the accident verbally. The accident must also be reported to the driver’s direct supervisor or manager. If the vehicle is provided by Fleet Services as a short-term rental or lease, the accident must also be reported to Fleet Services (205-348-4800).

Link to UA Motor Vehicle Record Policy