Q. – Is my business required to participate in the program since our business is limited to the preparation and delivery of food without any on-site services?

A. – Yes.  The food is prepared under your direction and the food is subject to potentially unsafe conditions while you deliver it.  Therefore, this is considered catering.  Program approval is required.  On the other hand, if a UA representative picks up the food from your facility, and you provide no delivery or on-site services, then participation in the program is not required.

Q. – Who is required to participate in the food safety training?
A. – At a minimum, the person(s) directing the food preparation, set-up and service should participate in the either the University’s program or a program offered by a recognized training source (e.g. National Restaurant Association, Health Dept. Program, etc.). The University will also recognize food safety programs developed in-house and a general description of the training topics and format should be disclosed on the application.

Q. – Our business does not provide off-site catering services, but has hosted University events in the past at our facilities.  Do we need to participate?
A. – It is not necessary to participate in this catering program if all services are provided at an off-site facility that is dedicated for your use.  However, if you use a facility owned and controlled by another party, you must participate in the program.

Q. – How often does this process happen?  Once I am on the list, will I need to reapply?
A. – The process is ongoing and any caterer may apply at any time. Once approved, the approval does not expire, but the University requires a periodic update to include:

  • Certificate of Insurance reflecting the renewal or replacement of any expired insurance policies.
  • An annual update of Health Department inspections for the prior 12 month period.
  • Renewals of any business licensure and/or permits upon expiration

Q. – How long will it take to approve my submission?
A. – If the application is complete and the requested documentation is provided, the approval should take no more than two weeks from receipt.